Virtual CFO  Service

Forecast the future and take your business in the right direction with our Virtual CFO services.

Virtual CFO can be critical in the decision making of a business. We will analyze your account books and help you to create budgets, spot market shifts, provide guidance with regard to business finances. We will also be looking for the right window to take a crucial decision. We will also take extra efforts to maintain the cash flow. The virtual CFO will bring along the experience of having worked in different sectors and how to deal with different situations.

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Virtual CFO for a comprehensive business approach

Our virtual CFO services will be way more affordable than hiring a full time CFO. We also offer highest levels of flexibility. You can direct the CFO to work according to your needs and wants. One of the top most priorities of our CFO would be to improve cash flow by trying to improve your inventory, sending invoices in a timely manner, increase pricing at the right time. Having a CFO will greatly help in risk management, you can avoid irregularities and aim for maximum profit. Our CFO can work in more than one business. You can also you use the massive network of our virtual CFO amongst various businesses and they will help you to forewarn future happenings and help you take the right decision. You can take our CFO services as and when you need, this will allow you the convenience of availing services whenever you want and your resources will be spent wisely.

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Virtual CFO services offered

Virtual CFO

  • Financial planning and analysis: Virtual CFO will study your financial reports and create forecasts which will help you in decision making. You can get a better understanding of the financial position of your business and it can help you in decision making. Virtual CFO will also create financial models to help the business to plan for the road ahead.
  • Cash flow management: Virtual CFO will create strategies in order to improve cash flow. They will also monitor the cash flow and do thorough analysis to make forecasts for the future regarding cash flows.
  • Financial reporting: Virtual CFO can also create financial statements to keep your books and accounts updated. The CFO can further use this data to predict forecasts for the future.
  • Business strategy and planning: CFO can create strategies that align with the business goals. It can also set financial targets and the right approach you can use to achieve those targets.
  • Risk management: Virtual CFO will allow you to spot the risks and also create risk management strategies or a crisis plan.
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Our Virtual CFO Procedure

1. Process Access

To books and bookkeeping data by the client

2. Data Analysis

For understanding the work done previously

3. Understand Requirement

Of client and any other specific deliverable

4. Processing of Data

For an action plan & scope of work

5. Delivering Reports

Specific to client's need and on time

Salient feature of our virtual CFO

Exceptionally skilled team to do the job for you : Our experts are highly qualified and skilled. They will work hard to give you the best possible outcome on a very realistic price comparatively.
We give particular importance to your distinct needs and wants: Our experts will be in touch with you and give you personalized recommendations and advices. This will help you to not worry about the regular hindrances that you face.
Bookkeeping and accounting will make the difference : Once you take care of these two aspects the remaining part of your financial management journey becomes so easy and manageable.
Cloud based technology will ease your process : Get all weather access to us with the help of our cloud based technology and get a better comprehension of your business.
Communication with us made easy: You can share your queries with us at any time you feel right with our improvised plan.

Industries that have benefited from virtual CFO

A diverse range of industries can benefit from virtual CFO services in many different ways


Healthcare industry will need to minimize errors and make better predictions for future with the help of a virtual CFO.

Media & Marketing

Media and Marketing industry can utilize the virtual CFO in raising funds. KPI play a very big role in media industry and a CFO can really make the difference. They can spend their resources way more wisely with the help of a CFO.


This industry is ever evolving and needs to be updated according to the latest trends. CFO can help you to identify the latest market trends and create forecasts for the future.


Hospitality industry needs to keep updating their services according to different time periods. CFO can help them to manage their finances better allowing them to spend more on innovation.

Legal Practice

Virtual CFO will be more efficient in reducing any errors in the financial statements and legal practice organizations can benefit greatly from them.

Real Estate

Real estate industry goes through a lot of crisis according to financial and governmental trends. CFO can help it to manage this crisis better.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Working with GlobalAccountsPartner (GAP) has been an absolute game-changer for our company. Their attention to detail and professionalism are unmatched. Our financial records have never been in better shape, thanks to their expertise. Highly recommend!

Sarah Johnson

CFO | IT Startup
Outsource Accounting Consultant leveraged technology, knowledgeable staff, and a committed customer service mentality to transform our bookkeeping operations into a lean mean accounting machine!

Jonathon Barak

CFO | TechSavvy Solutions
I can't say enough good things about the team at GlobalAccountsPartner (GAP). They've not only streamlined our accounting processes but also provided invaluable insights into improving our financial strategies. Their dedication and reliability make them an indispensable part of our team.

John Smith

CEO | BrightFutures Inc.
GlobalAccountsPartner (GAP) has been instrumental in helping us navigate complex financial regulations and optimize our resources. Their proactive approach to problem-solving and personalized service sets them apart. Partnering with them has been one of the best decisions we've made for our company.

Emily Clark

Financial Controller | GlobalTech Innovations
As a busy COO, having GlobalAccountsPartner (GAP) on board has been a huge relief. They handle everything with utmost professionalism and efficiency, allowing me to focus on other critical aspects of our business. Their expertise has truly elevated our financial management.

David Roberts

COO | Summit Enterprises
Outsource Accounting Consultant leveraged technology, knowledgeable staff, and a committed customer service mentality to transform our bookkeeping operations into a lean mean accounting machine!

Jonathon Aharon

CFO | Formlabs
Outsource Accounting Consultant leveraged technology, knowledgeable staff, and a committed customer service mentality to transform our bookkeeping operations into a lean mean accounting machine!

Jonathon Aharon

CFO | Formlabs

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Frequently Asked Question's

1. What are the advantages of hiring a virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO will look after the financial management of your company and help you in decision making at a cost which is quite competitive I comparison to a full time CEO.

2. What are the tasks carried out by a virtual CFO?

The primary objective of a CFI is financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. Cash flow management and performance analysis remain the other important tasks.

3. Is virtual CFO worth hiring for a small business?

Small businesses can save a lot of resources by hiring a virtual CFO.