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Outsourcing Designed For
Small Businesses

Small businesses shouldn’t have to choose between overpriced and over-sized solutions designed for much larger companies or just getting by with stop-gap measures they can afford but which don’t really address their needs.

Get benefits beyond bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a necessity but companies are dependent on other aspects to survive like financial data analysis, forecasting in order to take decisions for the future.

Cost effectiveness is extremely important for small businesses

Small businesses have limited resources. Spending on a specialized workforce for their accounting needs can take a toll on their spending capacity. With our services you can avail all them at a very economical price and allocate the resources to your business.

Get access to highly qualified experts

Experts like CFOs, CPAs, HR, payroll execs will try to assist you in dealing with your problems. All this at a fair price point.

Chose the best option for your business

Most of the times you can only chose between a dedicated professional who cannot allocate the required time or a full time employee who lacks the specialized skillset.

We try to increase the satisfaction level of our clients.

Be accountable

Make sure you stay in touch with our team and get access to all the updated information. We aim to achieve maximum accountability to our clients.

Deliver Scalable Solutions

Our experts will strive to provide you with solutions that are pragmatic and will benefit your business in the long run.

Be Curious

You can interact with any of our experts and they will provide you with a customized approach to solve your problems.

Enjoy The Ride

We aspire to make your experience extremely convenient and without any hassles. We want to make sure that you more or less find your whole financial management journey to be gratifying.

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A brief introduction about us

Our team consists of highly qualified CPAs, Chartered Accountants and other working professionals whose primary goal is to maintain, analyze and keep your account books in good condition. We also aim to give you insights about your business and forecasting that can help you in decision making. We have our presence in Australia, USA and UK. We have been in this field for over a decade. Advanced AI tools are used for accounting and bookkeeping which helps us to increase our speed, productivity. Our workforce is well adept at using soft wares like Quick books online, XERO, Sage, MYOB, etc. Our focus remains on making the client experience very satisfying and maintaining compliance with rules and regulations.

What We Do

Global Accounts Partner deals in outsourced bookkeeping and accounting, taxation, advisory services for a businesses ranging from small, SME and so on. We try to make your process of managing your accounts, payroll and tax calculations more effortless and more cost effective. Our service will provide you with a team working tirelessly to solve your problems. In our decade long experience in bookkeeping and accounting we have dealt with a wide range of businesses from e-commerce companies to aged care service providers. This experience gives us the ability to deal with any situation or hindrances in your bookkeeping journey. We have always tried to put client satisfaction above anything else and we want to make sure that you get the best bookkeeping and accounting service without having to spend too many of your resources.

Bookkeeping Services for Various Industries

We’ve offered outsourced bookkeeping services for a decade and now know how each industry works. We provide services for the following industries:


The healthcare industry needs to be very vigilant about their transactions which involve rare equipment, medicines, medical procedure costs. Bookkeeping and accounting services can really make it easy for them to function their business.

Media & Marketing

Media and Marketing industry involves massive amounts of transactions and the margin for error is quite low. The bookkeeping and accounting service they hire should have the experience of dealing in such huge amounts.


E-commerce Industry is growing exponentially, and everyone wants to be part of this ever-growing market.


This industry has multiple on and off seasons. The workload can become too much to too less in a short period of time and bookkeepers should be able to deal with this trajectory while doing their job.

Legal Practice

Legal Practice industry needs to maintain their books so that they can focus more on their legality issues. No legal firm really hires a specialized staff to look after their accounts. Third party bookkeeping and accounting service can help.

Real Estate

Real Estate industry is quite susceptible to market fluctuations and even minor market crashes. Bookkeeping and accounting services will make sure that funds are allocated wisely and there are no discrepancies.

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